Wedding in ‘New Normal’

Unexpectedly, the pandemic is able to change human lifestyles or often called the new normal. This will also affected on how people holding a wedding. Here are some things to be considered:

Ceremony in an open space

Open space has better air quality than in a closed room. Being in a closed room for a period of time will cause air pollution inside the room. You must maintain vigilance against the virus after this pandemic. Therefore, it is better to maintain and be vigilant because we do not know whether some of the guests still have the virus or not.

Keep doing social and physical distancing

Even if you get married outdoor, social and physical distancing is a must in order to reduce the risk of virus transmition. You must maintain a minimum distance of 1-2 meters from other people. The seats also have to be distanced.

Avoid Buffet Menu

Change the way your food is served. As much as possible, you have determined the portion of food that can be directly taken by each guest without making direct contact with other guests. In addition,the guests must be able to keep a distance when waiting in line when taking food.

Improve the standar of hygiene

Everything must be considered, starting from the entrance and exit by providing disinfectants and hand sanitizers. You also have to keep food hygienic and avoid exposure to the virus.

Adapt to after-pandemic habits

You must be able to adapt to all good habits related to Covid-19. For example, frequent hand washing, keeping your body away from anything, keeping a distance, not touching the face and so forth, and also wearing a mask. All these good habits must be maintained to avoid the risk of corona virus exposure.