Best Family Photography Service in Bali

Family is not just a status. It’s not just a place to go home or a matter of which of them is closer to you. However, the presence of family in the midst of life is something bigger and more valuable, especially when you already have children. Then nothing is more meaningful than their happiness.

One of the easiest way to make your family happy especially your partner and children, is to take them on holiday to a beautiful place and Bali is one of the best choices. With lots of exotic, kid-friendly places, nice weather, and down-to-earth people, your family holiday can be a lot of fun. Documentation of a pleasant family vacation is needed to remember your happiness moment with your family in Bali. Especially the kids, you will smile to yourself seeing how their faces and body change over time by looking to the photographs.

Not just a documentation photo, you need good photos with a beautiful background so that the memories of your Bali holiday with your family look even better.
BPSO is one of the best Bali Family Photography to capture your holiday moments in Bali. With professional and well experienced team in handling families and children from various countries, we guarantee your holiday photos will be sweet and memorable.

Our service: Family portrait, holiday, and baby photo shoot in Bali


Cheryl's Family - Singapore

What a great time to get this family photos done. Ritz Carlton hotel be their choice to take a photoshoot.

Katie's Family - Canada

This family was came from Canada. For me that was a great shoot to take this family photo in Ubud

Kurseth's Family - Singapore

Today was a good day. As we shoot for our client who came from Singapore.

Lynn's Family - Korea

I am so honored to be able to capture this family photoshoot of Lynn’s from Korea.

Emily's Family - USA

Time spent with the family is never a waste of time. Life is meant to be shared with those you love.

Jenny's Family - Singapore

Family time is the best. I am so thankful when a family includes me to photograph their happy holiday time in Bali.


Families are like branches on the tree, we grow in different directions, but our root remains as one.

Jo Mitchell's Family - Australia

Motherhood is amazing. And then it’s really hard. And then it’s really incredible. And then it’s everything in between.


Giokleng, her husband, and 2 sweety girls are a small family from Singapore. They came to Bali for…

Andrea's Family - Singapore

Photo shoot of Andrea and her family, in their villa and Jimbaran beach…


Angelica, her husband, and her 4 years old sweet daughter were on holiday in bali for 1 week. They wanted to have special memories with elephant…