A Perfect Example of Micro Wedding: Isaac & Melanie

Not being able to invite many friends might be one of the most peeve things experienced by most of bride and groom this year. The situation is not conducive since COVID-19 is still declared as a global pandemic and many couples forced to change their wedding plan. Reducing the scale of the ceremony or also called micro wedding is one solution that has been chosen in this new normal.

Microwedding is known as intimate-scale marriage, and even less capacity where the invited guests are no more than 50. Microwedding focuses on the moment of validating sacred vows before God instead of holding a big party with fancy food and entertainment for few hours. Therefore, the duration of microwedding is also shorter than a massive concept wedding.

Helding a micro wedding as your new normal wedding concept means pressing the number of invitations. By simply only inviting your closest family and the closest circle of friends, your marriage will definitely be very warm, intimate, and personal. You and your partner will not suffer from prolonged fatigue because you have to greet many guests. Instead, you can really spend time in a special atmosphere with those closest to you.

The wedding of Isaac and Melanie is one example of a micro wedding that has been held in a backyard of a hotel in Jimbaran. Although it was held just before the pandemic began around January, this wedding is an example of a perfect micro wedding and ends with full of happiness. The invited guests were only a few close friends and parents of brides and grooms of no more than 30 people.

After the ceremony, the bride can focus with close friends and family while having some foods and drinks, does not need to greet hundreds of invited guests which is of course very tiring. Here are some shots of their happiness.

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