Pre Wedding Video: Things to be Considered

In addition of pre wedding photo, cinematic video of your love story is also nice to have before the wedding. With a romantic song and story telling cinematic style clips, this video will be one of the most important show on the wedding reception.

Here are some things to be considered if you want to make a cinematic pre wedding video:

1. Theme is one of the main value to make an unique pre wedding video that also can be entertaining. For example, if you like fairytale things, you can make a concept of Alice in Wonderland, or if you like a humorous one, you can involve close friends and relatives.

2. Property must be very considered. Small things can be a great impact in the video. For example baloons, flowers, or a classic car.

3. Technical Meeting. This is also very important to do, the exchange of information between you and the videographer is a key. Therefore, arrange at least 2 meetings so that your video shoot will go according to plan and desire.

4. Be friendly with your videographer, because it will make the shooting process so much fun. Capture the story of your meeting and show it on the wedding day, all the guest must be really happy to watch it.