The Pros of Doing Pre Wedding Photo Shoot in Studio

The variety of pre wedding photo shoot locations certainly give you many choices, but sometimes time and distance make it hard to find the right schedule. Therefore, a studio can be a good idea and is highly sought after, especially if you and your partner are always busy. Here are the pros of using studio for pre wedding photo shoot.

Saving time

Schedule adjustment with the photographer become a major obstacle for busy couple. Meanwhile, shooting in the studio allows you to be more flexible, a session that approximately takes 2-4 hours (depending on the number of dresses) will save a lot of time since we can do it anytime no matter day or night, good weather or bad weather.


Dresses that you want to wear for pre wedding photo shoot certainly have to be matched with the concept itself. Weather and dresses certainly must be considered when you do outdoor shooting, while in the studio, almost all the clothes you can use without worrying about any weather.


Looks beautiful with make up and hair-do is one of the key holders of your appearance on the day of the photo shoot. Oily face and sweat are enemies of the make up when we do the photo shoot outdoor on sunny day. But it won’t be a problem if we do photo shoot in an air conditioned studio.


Erratic weather becomes an obstacle if you are shooting outside, photographer need good sunlight to get the best photos. Photo studio has lighting equipment that can be adjusted so that the results will always be stable and in accordance with what we want.