Postponed Wedding Because of Covid-19

There are many things to be considered when planning a wedding. It’s because marriage is the most eagerly awaited event and is only done once in a lifetime (at least for some people :D). Usually, the bride and groom will do everything to realize their dream wedding. The preparations are not even short, some have even planned this sacred event from 2-3 years in advance.

Do you one of those who have prepared from years before to get married in March, April, or May 2020 in Bali? What will certainly happen is that your wedding must be postponed due to Covid-19. It’s not only because Bali is temporary closed for tourist, also we have to stay safe and stop this global pandemic so that life can be normal again.

It might be difficult for you to see the reality that your wedding have to be postponed. It might also be difficult for you to rearrange all plans that are almost ripe beforehand. Therefore, here are some tips for you on how to properly reschedule your Bali wedding due to this covid-19.

Be Calm

Literally, this will be a little difficult to do, even the preparation itself is really stressful especially if all the things are riped but the wedding is cancelled. Maybe your stress level will be doubled. But in any situation, you have to keep calm, just assume this is a message to rest your body and mind, because stress will not help solve the existing problems.

Nobody wants this to be happened. Maybe more than 70% of the weddings is postponed or even cancelled. The vendors also feel the impact. So, there is no reason to be uneasy because everyone feels how you and your partner feel.

Keep Update

Be update for any news. How far has it spread, is there any prediction about the end of this virus or when will the world enter its recovery period. Although in quarantine or work from home, it does not mean you are lazing and feeling indifferent to the latest update, because with this information you can start to reschedule your wedding.

Keep In Touch With The Vendors

You also need to always talk about the latest news and what plans you and your partner will do with all the Bali wedding vendors that been arranged before. Usually, they will provide the best advice for their clients. Establish good communication with them, then a solution will be found.