Determining Pre Wedding Photo Concept

Concept is the initial part of an event. For those who are preparing for a wedding, determining the concept of wedding is the most important thing to do. In addition, setting up the concept of pre-wedding is important too.

Nowadays, pre wedding photography is very popular among couples who wants to get married. It’s usually used for the invitation card, wedding decoration, or just showing up at the social medias. But it is not easy to determine the concept of the pre-wedding photo itself. Here’s some things to be considered.

Match Your Style

Not everybody looks good in natural backgrounds or classic buildings which is currently in great demand. Some couples prefer concept that are in accordance with their characteristics, hobbies, and things that they are interested to. For example, if you have the same hobby, then it can be your pre-wedding photo concept. Or if both of you interested in rock or metal musics, then the pre-wedding photo shoot can be done somewhere that match with that concept.

Pick a Professional Photographer

After determining the initial concept, then you can find a professional photographer to capture all your precious moments. By choosing a professional photographer, your initial concept will be directed into what you dreaming of. So, an experienced photographer will greatly assist you in determining the concept of pre-wedding photo.

Choose the Right Suits and Locations

The concept or theme of your pre-wedding photos will be even stronger with the right clothes and locations. For those of you who have more budget, you might be able to do pre-wedding photo shoot abroad to have different scenery.

But if you don’t want to spend that much, you can do it indoor because the price is relatively cheaper than doing pre-wedding photo shoot outdoor. If you want simple but still attractive, you can do a photo session on the beach, or for indoor it can be in buildings with specific designs.

For the clothing, you can buy or rent it. If you just have photo shoot on the beach, you can use simple dress with just 1 color such as white, red, yellow, and other simple colors. Don’t use dress that has too many colors. If you prefer a fancy gown, then it might be better to rent rather than buy because it will be used just once.