Covid-19 is Really Affecting Photography World

It seems like everybody in the world know about the Covid-19, a new version of Corona virus that spreads to almost 200 countries without discrimination, even most of big countries like the United States, Italy, France are also affected, and of course Indonesia is also affected.

Covid-19 is very dangerous because of its rapid transmission even by people who have no symptoms, the virus spreads easily before we feel the symptoms or seriously ill. Because the mobility of people is really high, the spread of this virus is very broad compared to its predecessor (SARS CoV, MERS, H1N1 etc.).

The impact of this pandemic related to the photography industry included the cancellation of many international photography events and exhibitions, including CP + in Japan, Photokina in Germany, and NAB in the United States.

Economic impact for photographers

We believe this pandemic will end sooner or later, but this time the impact seems to be long. Let say it\’s subsides at the end of May, but maybe the economic activities will begin to be normal in July, but the economy has already collapsed. Companies are started firing the employees, or those that still survive are reducing the salaries of their employees.

For those who work in photography industry, both as employees or as entrepreneurs will lose their jobs. Events like wedding and conferences that need documentation services will be much reduced. Commercial photography work will also be reduced because the company\’s budget is low.

Manufacturers of cameras, lenses, accessories will also be affected. Camera production and gear development will slowing down because of the limitation of components supply. New cameras and lenses that announced earlier this year will be delayed. After the old stocks which are discounted sold out, the prices of new cameras and lenses will be higher and higher in Indonesia because the exchange rate between IDR and USD is really high plus the cost of producing and distributing the camera will increased.

After the pandemic has subsided, policies such as social distancing will still continue but maybe a little more lax. Social distancing will continue until the medicine that can stop this virus be found. Traveling between cities or overseas will also be limited or uncomfortable. Therefore, traveling activities will be much reduced. This has a big impact on camera manufacturers and camera shops because most people buy cameras before the holidays to document their trips.

So, what to do during this #StayHome

As a photography enthusiast or professional, we might be shocked because of the job is much reduced or maybe zero and can\’t take pictures freely outside the house as usual. But we should not regard it as a holiday, it\’s better to do something to prepare if the pandemic continues and the economy does not getting better.

It\’s time to learn and experiment something new, maybe indoor photography techniques and editing. Learning videography is also something interesting because most digital cameras today can record video. Maybe trying to start recording and editing a video can be an option to pass the time. In addition, we can also maintain the gears that we have. Cleaning the lens and sensors will kill the time.