Kedonganan Beach, Nice Spot for Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Bali

Kedonganan Beach
Maybe you haven’t heard the name of this beach often, but in the North of Jimbaran Beach there is a white sandy beach that provides delicious seafood and a pretty beautiful view. The name of this beach is Kedonganan. Actually Kedonganan is name of a village and its beach also named the same. Due to its location which is close to Jimbaran beach, you can feel a similar sensation but less crowded.

This beach has not been much sought for prewedding photoshoot in Bali. Maybe because its name is not as famous as Balangan or Melasti beach, or maybe because the shape of this beach seems flat and too ordinary, similar to Kuta or Seminyak beach. There is no cliff like Melasti beach which become an icon of ‘Bali beach pre-wedding’ today. However, it doesn’t mean that your photos will looks ugly, there are several supporting factors that can make your pre-wedding photos looks amazing.

Here are some advantages of doing pre-wedding photoshoot in Kedonganan beach:

Strategic Location

Unlike most of beautiful beaches in Bali, Kedonganan is very close to the airport and most star hotels that might be your place to stay. The location of Kedonganan Beach is also nearby Jimbaran Beach so it is not difficult to find. The distance is only about 5 minutes from Jimbaran Beach.

White Sand Beach that Not Too Crowded

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia have white sand, and Kedonganan is one of them. Kedonganan Beach is not too crowded with tourists compared to other beaches in Bali. Or maybe because of the long beach area so it doesn’t look too full of visitors. This condition is very favorable for pre-wedding photoshoot without any interruption so that your mood to pose in front of camera remains good.

Beautiful Sunset

Just like Kuta, Kedonganan Beach also has a very beautiful sunset because it facing to the west. Of course, when the weather is clear and sunny. Sunset is a very important element for making pre-wedding photo looks romantic.

Traditional Fishing Boat

Kedonganan is actually a beach of fishermen. Yaph, many traditional fishermens are anchored here with their unique Indonesian shaped traditional boats which you may not find in your country. We can use their boat as a supporting property for your pre-wedding photos.

Reflection Beach

Maybe not so many people are familiar with this term. A beach with a flat sandy surface, less sloping and no waves that roll too big is the perfect location for creating mirror-like reflection photos. Especially with the sunset light as the background, you will be able to see your reflection in the sand like in a mirror.

No Admission Fee?

Most of the famous beaches in Bali have special tickets for professional photoshoot such as pre-wedding which are not exactly cheap. In average IDR400,000 – IDR500,000 per couple. Kedonganan beach doesn’t apply this, or at least ‘not yet’. We can still freely do the photoshoot here.

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