Tips: How to Crop Photograph to Make it More Beautiful?

Cropping a photo is often done to remove the ugly part of the picture, or the unnecessary parts. However, cropping can be done to bring the subject of and strengthening the core of the story in the photo to make it more dramatic, more straightforward, more attractive, more provocative, deeper and more focused.

The most popular examples is the iconic photo of Che Guevara by Alberto Korda. At that time, Korda photographed Guevara and its star beret with his friend. Then the photo was cropped to be Che Guevara headshoot . This photo of Che Guevara was then circulated widely, printed on shirts, murals and various media to millions of times.

Cropping Photo Tips

Well, the traveling photos can also be treated in a similar way. Even when done properly, the ordinary photos looks into extraordinary. Here are some ways how to do photo cropping.

1. Determine the powerful idea of the photo
Before you make a photo of your holiday destination, make sure you have the story of picture in your mind. In other words, we have estimated, about what will be told with this photo. From that idea, we can set how many people that will be in the photo, 1-2 people or more. Even the angel is also should be planned. For example, whether you need to climb up the tree. With a mature concept, you know which ones should be discarded when cropping process.

2. Compressing images
By using a telephoto lens, you inevitably have to eliminate the other subjects on the left and right lens range. As a result, the photographer will be more easy to control the story conveyed in a photograph. The photo will look more ‘solid’, full and crisp with no empty space to be seen.

3. Use a lens with large aperture
A lens with large aperture such as f / 1.8 or f / 1.2 can be used to crop the story in a photo. Photographer just stay focused on the focal point of the story, then the outside area will disappear automatically by bokeh.

4. Cropping with light effects
Cropping subject around the main object can also be done with light effects. Example by providing flash only on the face of the object so that the surrounding area will be darker. Another example is looking for the object in the sunlight that falls from between the leaves through the fog in the morning. When you watch dance performances, stage photographs with good lighting can also be used to crop the photo to be more dramatic.

5. Cropping lines and consequently
In the photograph that contain elements of line, it should be noted whether the line should be cropped or not. Therefore, the line was very controlling the reader’s imagination. For example the sea photographs, the horizon line can be omitted to tell you that the ocean is not infinite. While by keeping the horizon line, the impression you want to be told that the area of ​​the ocean is limited.