The Chalk Pre Wedding

Nowadays, pre-wedding photoshot becomes one thing that must be done by couple who want to get married. Marriage doesn’t feel complete without some prewedding pictures in beautiful places. Beside to capture the moment, it also can be as venue decoration on wedding day.

The location should be in a beautiful place such as beach, lake, building with nice architecture, or other interesting places. Otherwise, a memorable special place that has deep feeling for that couple. However, these locations gradually become to be mainstream because it’s used too often by many many couples. They got bored with these existing locations and need something new. One of them is ‘Chalk Prewedding’.

Chalk Prewedding is a prewedding picture that use ’chalk drawing’ as a media. So, the beautiful natural scenery replaced by unique chalk drawing. It can be anything based on the theme.

The pros, it’s less cost and we dont’t need to go far away to beautiful places. We just need a big board, empty road, a wall, or something else that has a huge surface to draw the background.

The cons, we need someone that has a good drawing skill.

Beside the drawing, in order to get more real we need to add some properties. Foe example, some real flowers on a drawing about a park.

Here are some samples from various photographers:


from Milan Teh Photographer