6 Best Wedding Chapels in Bali

As a bali wedding photographer, sometimes our client asking about some recommended wedding chapel in Bali, therefore here I show you the best wedding chapels in Bali.

Tresna (Ayana Resort & Spa)
The real image that created by Tresna Chapel has a deep philosophy. The word ‘Ayana’ derived from Sanskrit and means “protection” which makes this chapel perfect for couples to get married. Not just a blessing, Tresna Chapel can also be used to hold a garden party for couples who want to do the reception after the blessing.

Wiwaha (Grand Nikko)
Built on the edge of white rock cliff with glassed detail,  Wiwaha which means “marriage” in Sanskrit stands majestic and graceful and presents an impressive nature scenery. Perched on the waters of Indian Ocean, this chapel has a spirit of love blended with the beauty of natural scenery. The structure resembles a leaning ship, likened like an ark that becomes “vehicle” for the bride and groom to start a new life together.

Infinity (Conrad)
Glass-walled triangular building with an elegant minimalist design, standing and looks like float on the water. The corner of the chapel that leads to the sky make it really beautiful. Glasses, iron, and marble attributes of this building became a metaphor of men, women, and their interaction as a happy couple.
Infinity Chapel

Tirtha Uluwatu (Tirtha Bridal)
The natural beauty that never stops creating love synergies ultimately provide inspiration for a couple Koji and Yuka Koreyasu to establish Tirtha Uluwatu. The building structure that predominantly white with crystal clear water in 20-meter pool flanking the podium make this chapel really appropriate to be a witness of your wedding.

Noah Bridal Chapel (Noah Bridal Villa, Uluwatu)
Entering the villa complex, you will be dazzled by the peak of ship building inspired by the biblical journey of Noah with his ark. An ark building standing upright in the middle of the villa. The ark of Noah’s saviour is the hope for a lost world, a revelation that bring all sentient beings to begin a spiritual journey towards eternal happiness.

Kayumanis Chapel (Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villas & Spa)
The natural touch of Bali can enjoyed if you choose Nusa Dua area. Fine natural decoration treats fused together with the beauty of grove. Overall architecture of the buildings are made of wood which gives an impression of warm and glass which gives the impression of luxury.