Tips: Planning Pre Wedding Photography for Couples

Pre Wedding photos are getting more and more popular among couples who want to marry. Pre wedding photography is generally made as a work of art that will leave the impression of a beautiful, unique, and personal taste. Besides packaged in a decent album that would be a nice display in your coffee table, some pre-wedding photos are also printed in large size as a display in the wedding reception area.

As a beautiful artwork expectation that has personal taste, the pre wedding photography need to be planned carefully so that these photos can be a decent display in wedding reception area or as a photo album.

Here are some tips for pre wedding photography

Determine the Concept of the Albums
Its mean, what would be the form of the album that we wanted. Here are some examples:
– Just a collection of beautiful photos with a beautiful location (such as a conventional photo album).
– A concept of a story as a movie scenario.
– Calendar concept to describe the atmosphere changes from season to season.
– Comic concept with word balloons containing funny phrases or sentences.
– Magazine concept in which there is the front page, editorial preface, contents page, page range section.
– And the other concepts in accordance imagination pre-wedding couples.

Determining Themes
Theme refers to the atmosphere (ambiance and setting) that want to be appeared from the photographs. Some examples of themes such as: ethnicity (Javanese, Minang, Chinese, Arabic, Sundanese, Balinese), colonial, adolescence, oriental, horror, western wild (like the cowboy movies), casual, office environment, futuristic, outer space, desert, Amazon, and so on according to the imagination of pre-wedding couples.

Select Costumes and Locations
The selection of the theme above is very important because it will determine the next steps namely costumes and location selection. Many locations in Bali are available to support the desired theme. Many places in the city also offer costume rental services to various themes. If you are confused with the theme, a light casual theme can be the best option.

Select the Right Photographer
The three tips above is the first step that should be done for pre-wedding couples. The next step is to choose a suitable photographer according to the theme. If the selected theme requires a lot of shooting in the studio using a variety of artificial lighting effects, the specialist outdoor photographers will be less able to provide satisfactory service. Conversely, if the photo shooting will be done outdoors with natural conditions even extreme weather such as very hot, very cold, very wet, etc, then choose a strong photographer and reliable for such conditions.

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