Tips: How To Avoid / Handling Condensing Camera Lens (DSLR)

When your camera is moved from hot to cold place or vice versa, there is a possibility that the lens will have condensation or dewy. A common example is when we go outside from cold air-conditioned car to a hot area. Or conversely, when we carry out our camera and lens from a warm place like house to a cooler and moist outdoor, or when you taking photos in a cold area. The meeting between warm camera and lens to a cool place will keep the moisture stick and condense into dew on the surface and inside the lens. If it’s repeated, this condensation can cause mildew, rust and even shorting.


To avoid it, just enter the camera and lens into an airtight plastic / ziplock, and then let the camera and lens to adjust the new temperature slowly. It should be about 10-20 minutes to adjust depending on the length of the lens. Simple and short lenses like 50mm prime lens or a zoom 18-55mm takes less time to adjust to the new temperature.

If your lens is already got condensation, don’t remove the lens from camera body and insert the camera and lens in a plastic and try to remove the air from the plastic. Insert water absorbent such as silica or rice can also help.

Don’t worry and wait until the camera adjusts to the ambient air. In some cases, need to wait 1-2 days to recover camera and lens to normal.