Tips: Do We Need a Specialization in Photography?

A few days ago , I read an article on a website of photography entitled ” Everyone is a photographer now , take a specialization or you will doomed. ” It was something like an argument that in photography business which is getting competitive, a professional photographer needs to focus on only one type of photography.

Such opinion can be found everywhere, like professionals in other fields. Easy example is a doctor, there is a general doctor, surgeon, obstetricians , specialists in internal medicine and so on. The more specialized, the greater honor gained and the success probability.

specialization-photographyDoes this apply also in the world of photography? Maybe yes, we see the professionalism of photographers from their type of photography, for example: wedding photographer, landscape, product, commercial, architecture, travel, photojournalism, and so on.

But, is a specialization can guarantee a success in photography ? Apparently not. Photography is different from other professional fields . To be a doctor specialties , of course, a doctor should be trained specifically with a clear formal education . But photography is a skill that can be learned freely today.

We can learn through the internet on websites, photography books , and also can take courses and workshops . So a success photographer don’t need any diploma , certificate or qualifications.

Well, even if a photographer has chosen a particular specialization , doesn’t mean always better than the multi – disciplinary. In my opinion , specialization or not is not important to be a successful photographer . The important thing is to make good works consistently.

Advantage of not specialize is we can learn different types of photography that develops insight and creativity . Skills may be obtained from one types of photography can be combined to make a more interesting photo.

Camera and computer technology developments cheapen, facilitate, and enable us to master the various types of photography, then why are we limiting ourselves by taking a narrow path? Don’t worry about specialization, shoot all your attention, from there we can learn . Just Journey, be kind to everyone , eventually success will come sooner or later.

by Duwi Mertiana