Story of a Photographer

When the first time a person holding a camera either cellphone or pocket camera, usually he will be very happy to photograph everything like flowers and a cute dog. Believing himself already good in photography. But after getting a hitch as photographing in dark condition, the confidence began to decrease, moreover after seeing a photo album of experienced photographers on internet.

Then, this amateur began looking for scapegoats. “Well, I think I need a better camera so that I can shoot like them”. Then he came to camera store to buy a DSLR, hope the image quality can be increased and good in any situation including dark light conditions. When first time using DSLR, the mode was full automatic. This “photographer wanna be” was still not familiar with the golden triangle exposure. He think, why so stupid? why use manual mode while this DSLR has an advanced auto mode?


Over time, he realized that photos are made with automatic mode does have obstacles to get a more dramatic and creative result. Then he figured out what it is aperture, shutter speed and ISO and how to control them. After that, his photo quality was getting better and attractive. This amateur photographer happy as satisfied with his work and got some likes on facebook.

Again, the desire to get better picture quality is getting high. This novice photographer seek to know the tools used by the more well-known photographer. In his mind, an experienced photographer uses the camera X, lens X and lighting equipment with a high total price, of course they can produce good quality photos. Then, he tried to buy the same gears even by a 12x bank credit.

Having dabbled with the new gears, he was more and more confident, his photo quality was getting cool thanks to the help of the new gears. The photo looks sharper, even in dark lighting conditions is still fine and low noise. But another problem is coming, the photos are still largely uncharacterized. Just like a random shoot.

One day, while idly look at photos on the internet. He discovered a photo that was very interesting because of its character, storytelling and meaningful. Then he was curious and peep the photo’s EXIF data to find what tool is used. Surprising, this photo was made by a compact camera that costs just one-hundredth from the price of his gears.

Finally, this novice photographer realized, to make a good photograph is often not necessary an expensive equipment. Then he began diligently studying composition, photo techniques, lighting techniques, photo editing and others. If at first is always carrying a heavy camera and lens on the shoulders everywhere, now he began to look for a camera that is slightly small. Sometimes he found a new or used small camera such as the Holga Lomography camera for experiments. As long as fit in the bag and easy to carry anywhere. “The best camera is the camera that brought with you” said Chase Jarvis. Without a camera in your pocket, how to make a good photo when the moment arrives?

Over time, his photo quality is getting higher and consistent, but this photographer did not feel proud as before. He realized that if we feel like “the best” and belittle other people’s work, then his skill will not develop. Therefore, he always considered himself like mediocre and always open mind to learn from other photographers. In the spirit of continuing to learn and being humble to the end of life, increase the photo quality and leave inspiring works and passed on to succeeding generations.

Who is the people in the story above? Yes, that’s me 🙂

by Duwi Mertiana