Landscape Photography Tips: Non Technical Aspects

Landscape Photography is fun and good to learn. Especially for beginners, it usually starts with Landscape Photography. You don’t need to deal or having contract with clients. If fail, we can come and re-shot again next time. But besides the technical stuff that you already understand, there are non-technical things that are often forgotten or overlooked but crucial. Here I try to describe based on my experiences.

Aling Aling Waterfall

Notice Season
It occurs when a friend traveling to Mount Batur to shot star trail and sunrise, All preparations have been made. Only one fatal mistake that he forgot, he is traveling in rainy season. As a result his journey to capture one of the most beautiful sunrise in the world is totally failed. Yes you have to encourage the best season of a location that you want to go. Moreover, it’s quiet far from home.


Apply for remote areas. Do a research earlier. Where the direction of sunrise or sunset. Where is the Milky Way on that season if you want to astrophotography. There are many apps that are very useful for this, my favorite is “Sun Seeker” and “Google Sky Map”. Look up the best angle, find the natural elements of interest for leading lines, foreground, framing and others.


Imagine, hunting to an unknown and very remote location but when you get there, you left your memory cards at home, or forget to charge battery. It will hurt you so much. I always make a small note in phone for the smallest detail like memory cards or battery. Don’t forget to pack snacks and drinks in your camera bag.

Wake up Earlier

The best time to get a good landscape photo is at sunrise time. Sometimes, I’ve been on the spot 1 or 2 hours before sunrise and the sky is still dark in order to find the best angle. So that when the ‘golden hours’ arrive, you are standing on the best spot.


At first I always thought all tripods are the same. As long as my camera can be perched on top. But I was wrong. Buying cheap tripod ultimately spend even more because it is not durable / perishable and most make me disappointed, crummy stability. Cheap tripod is often unstable, especially on a windy plateau. We can’t work with Long Exposure with this condition. My advice, do not rush. Save more money and do a survey first. Better buy one good quality and durable than spend small money for rubbish again and again.

Respect Nature

Last thing, respect, watch and appreciate the natural environment. Keep clean. Maintain the environment. Do not leave nothing but footprints. Do not take anything except the photographic work.