How to Pack Your Photography Gear While Vacation

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A holiday is always fun, forget your daily stress and enjoy the days without any load, and one thing is certain for the photographer is to bring their gear. However, bringing a DSLR camera is little bit troublesome especially for those who have a large DSLR plus lenses and accessories. A well packing is needed. Here are some packing tips for your DSLR, lenses, and other camera accessories.

1. Decide what to bring
Gears that you have to bring is depend on where, how long and how you get there. Bring your own vehicle is easier than public transportation. The longer you are on vacation, the more memory you need.

2. Determine how to bring them while shooting
You can use a regular bag, special bag or hang the camera around your neck. It also depends on how much gear you have, if only one camera and one lens, you do not have to bother with a lot of accessories.

3. Determine how to bring them on a trip
If you have to join a flight and put your gear in the luggage, you need to ensure your gear safety. You can bring it into the cabin if you use a small camera bag.

4. Weigh your bag
Make sure your bag does not exceed the maximum weight allowed by the airline. If it passes the maximum, just hang your camera on your neck.

5. Protect your gear
Make sure your bag has enough safeguards to protect your gear. Or you can also use plastic waterproof camera if you are exposed to fear water.

6. Check your gear condition
Also make sure all of your photography equipment is working well. Check if your battery is not leaking, or your battery charger works well. Make sure to bring the power charger.