How to Make Creative Photographs with Foreground

When travel photographing, one often looking for unique and iconic background. In fact, we can find an object to be a beautiful foreground so that the photo becomes more dynamic and attractive.

The background is usually a typical building in the city. In photography, the background can serve as reinforcement of the story even one of the main elements in a photograph. For example when traveling to Singapore and took pictures in front of the Merlion statue, then the main actor is absolutely the Merlion.

Well, besides the background, there is also another creative way to reinforce a photograph or beautify the traveling photographs by using foreground. But this technique is not very popular because not all photos need a foreground. In addition, another difficulty that is at the level of execution. Because not all things are good to be foreground.

Even so, the foreground can be a creative solution when the idea of ​​photographing being clogged. As a result, by placing the right foreground, the photo becomes more dynamic and attractive. Not surprisingly, the foreground is the norm done in traveling photographs, journalist, portrait, commercial and wedding. To obtain an interesting and unique foreground there are several steps that should be noted such as below:

Foreground Photography Tips



1. Containing elements of aesthetics
Usually foreground is done for aesthetic reason. Its mean the subject feels ‘bland’ because there is no strong support background. Or there are no interesting and unique background around the object. By creating a foreground, the composition will be solid and dynamic. Therefore, when confronted with a subject that feels flat when photographed, try to find something that could be a foreground so that the photo will be more attractive.

2. Strengthen the main subject
Not just a matter of aesthetics, foreground usually done to strengthen the main subject. For example the main subject is calling by phone, then we can insert another people who are playing gadgets so that story even stronger.

3. It takes keen observation to choose Foreground
While at a tourist destination, do an observations immediately whether there are some things that can be utilized to be a foreground for example statues, flowers, or glasses. Even if possible, another throng of tourists could be an interesting foreground to be used.

4. Choosing the right technique
After determining the main subject and the supporter foreground, the foreground can be created with a bokeh technique or stay focused. This choice depends on the needs of the story to be delivered. If only aesthetic reasons, foreground can be blurred. Meanwhile, if the foreground help strengthen the story, it wouldn’t need to use an outrageous bokeh.

5. Computer processing, why not?
Foreground done on the computer such as giving bokeh light effects in a model photo to give the impression of glamour. But its rarely done because it requires technical skills. But if you want, it can be done.

by Duwi Mertiana