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BPSO – Bali Professional Photographer

It would be very impressive to have many beautiful photographs when we held a very important and rarely repeated moments even once in a lifetime such as engagements, weddings, or other celebrations in Bali. Moreover, these photos have excellent qualities that will remind us to every important moment at that time. Or for couples who prefer to have a romantic photographs at a beautiful places in a quality format before getting married, then what you need is a professional photographer with special equipments to produce expected pictures. But usually someone has to pay a lot of money to hire a photography company in Bali. The question is, is there any professional photography services at affordable prices?

Bali photo shooting (BPSO) is the solutions to realize all of your wishes. We are a local company based in Denpasar Bali, offers professional photo shooting services such as Wedding and Pre Wedding Photography Bali with affordable prices but still has a very excellent quality. Besides wedding photo shooting, we also provide photography services for hotel, villa, restaurant, offices, product or brands, event documentation such as meetings, exhibitions, seminars, and others. All photo shootings are taken by our reliable photographers team with professional equipment, friendly handling, and full of patience. Do not hesitate to give your trust to us to capture every photos on your important moment.


Our Photography Services

Property (Hotel & Villa)



Photography is one of the most important tools for marketing team to promote a hotel, villa, and other accommodations. The presence of a professional photographer on the wedding venue is really important because they can capture any… Pre Wedding photography has become a trend in Bali since last few years. Photography trend by wearing a wedding dress…

Product & Still Life

Portrait & Fashion


To promote a product both online and offline, using several attractive photos is needed. For example, to display in the catalog… Fashion is something that will never end. New fashions always come at any time following the trends and changing times… An event or formal occasions such as seminars, exhibitions, meetings, graduations, and other important events must require…