Which Camera is The Best for You?


If you asking me which is the most ideal and eligible camera to be purchased at this time, then the answer may not be easy. I do not automatically suggest the most expensive camera to buy, also the cheaper camera is not necessarily not good. Nowadays I observe that every camera has a lot of similarities, both in terms of design (form), features and also the price. Fortunately thanks to the modern era, every modern camera is ‘safe’ in term of technologies, also equipped with advanced features that facilitate user.

It’s almost impossible to find a perfect camera. Maybe some cameras have many advantages, but they must be have deficiency on the other part, even sometimes it’s significant for us therefore we may deselect it. Nowadays, we are also sometimes too much demanding to the specifications of the camera. We want more than 20MP sensor, very fast auto focus and continuous shooting, long-lasting battery and so on. Maybe it’s normal but let’s try to focus on what features that we prioritize (what we need the most).

Priority feature also not always the same for everyone. Here are some features that are usually become the main consideration (primary) when someone choosing a camera:

– Camera type: DSLR, mirrorless, prosumer will determine the system that we build, the lenses, flashes, and other accessories.
– Image sensor: Full frame sensor, APS-C sensor, 1-inch sensor, etc. The larger the size, the better the quality. (It is also affect the price).
– Form factor: ergonomics, weather sealed and other matters relating to the physical of the camera, it will determines the ease of use, someone maybe looking for a small camera for travel (but usually the photo quality is not too good) and the other one likes a camera rather large but firmly grasped and weather sealed.
– Viewfinder: there are two, see the viewfinder or see the LCD screen. If we love to see the viewfinder then make it priority but if not then the camera without a viewfinder can also be chosen.
– The way we interact with the camera: usually by pressing a button, joystick, or a wheel though now there is also a new way by touching the screen (for info, touch screen have a lot of sophistication such as selecting an area we want to focus by only one touch).
– Shooting creativity: A unique angle may need a screen that can be folded.
– Advanced auto focus: if the speed and accuracy of focus become the main priority (for example shooting live action or sport) then choose a camera that has many focus point (advanced DSLR) otherwise if you prefer a mirrorless find a mirrorless that already have hybrid AF (no pixel detection phase in sensor so that faster auto focus).
– Flash: in this case is built-in flash and a hot shoe flash, ideally a camera has both but many cameras are only support built-in flash or only hot shoe flash, for those who like strobist need to check whether the camera has wireless flash mode or not.

Meanwhile the other features as a supporting character, but it still plays an important role when we use the camera. Even the other features (secondary) also could be the main feature (primary) for you, no problem. I think the other features that are not less important as below:

– How fast/many cameras can take pictures in a row, also how fast the buffer (number of photos per second).
– The range if ISO, also photo quality on high ISO
– Video mode, 4K or not. But I think full HD (1080) is good enough.
– Battery life
– Memory slot, CF or SD card, or both.
– Connectivity, WIFI, bluetooth, and NFC.