Buahan - a Banyan Tree Escape

This is one of the most spectacular resort that we have ever shot and also the most challenging. Buahan is a Banyan Tree Escape, located in one of the valleys of Buahan Village, northern Ubud. The concept of this resort is very unique and extraordinary which is ‘no walls, no doors’, offers their guests a unique Naked Experience in communion with nature. Yes, their villas are really have no wall nor any door, it gives the guests a beautiful view of the wild without borders right from the bedroom.

Buahan consist of 16 villas that situated not too close from each other and facing different ways, it gives a different view in each villa, a large main pool that looks floating on the jungle, bar and restaurant, a pavilion, and some spa rooms. Banyan Tree plan to open Buahan on the beginning of September 2021.

Since Buahan village has unpredictable weather, it really gave us a challenge to photograph the resort. We have to came 2 times in a day during a week to finish the photoshoot. Here are some best photos: