About Us

BALI PHOTO SHOOTING is one professional photography service in Bali devoted to handling various photography needs such as wedding and pre-wedding, event documentation, company profile, property/architecture, food, and much more. Owned by a young Balinese who loves photography since he was 16 years old named Duwi Mertiana. Until his age now, 26 years old, he had a lot of experience in the world of photography and has been well trained to work on major formal events like an event of the central government ministries, various kinds of international wedding ceremony, as well as non-formal photography such as property interior, product, still life, portrait, and others. We also have a great team (photographers and photographer’s assistants), loyal, and experienced in handling photo sessions.

Head Office: Jl. Asri Jati No. 4A, Taman Giri Asri, Nusa Dua, Bali.