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When you and your partner are planning to celebrate your wedding anniversary, you might need several photos of your wedding for the invitation card or other purposes. Then you will find your wedding album but what did you found? Some photos turned out to be faded or even some of them were covered by fungus? Then you will start searching for the digital version, but can’t find anything on the computer. Does this sound familiar?

The wedding files usually neglected and forgotten until we need it. When we find it, an inadequate storage conditions make the quality of the photos with the most beautiful memories not beautiful anymore. Avoid these common mistakes by maintaining the quality of your wedding photos, both print and digital versions. Do this from the first day you receive the photo album or digital files from the photographer so you won’t regret it later. Here are some things you can do:

Maintain Temperature and Humidity

Take care the photo albums from extreme changes in temperature and humidity. These two things will cause a damage on the covers and binding especially that made of leather, album sheets and the photographs themselves. Hot temperature will make the photo dry and brownish, while high humidity will grow mold/fungus in the album and between pages. Please store your album in ideal conditions, in temperatures between 13 Celsius to 35 Celsius and humidity between 5% to 60%. You can put moisture absorbing products to maintain ideal moisture in storage.

Keep away from sunlight

Avoid storing album in a place that is easily exposed to direct sunlight. Heat can damage the album sheets and fading the image. Heat will also damage the album cover from any material.

Cleaning and Caring

Keep the album clean regularly from dust and dirt. Clean dust with a soft cloth or damp cloth if necessary.

Saving Digital Files

– Make some copies of the original files that provided by the photographer. Save the files in several separate places for backup. You can also entrust a copy of the files to the person that you know nicely and organized in storing digital stuff.
– Create a copy in cloude storage system such as Dropbox or Google Drive for online backup.
– Store the storage device such as flashdisk or hardisk in a place that safe from liquid, dust or anything that could harm electronic.

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